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Contrast Games LLP (“Contrast Games”)
October 11, 2023
Prior to using our video games, applications, websites, and other online services (collectively "Services"), kindly review this Cookies Policy (“Policy”).
Important: You can choose not to accept all cookies, but rejecting certain ones may limit your access to some features. Deleting or blocking essential cookies may impact the functionality of our services.
Cookies are tiny text files that are saved on your computer or device during visits, aiming for different purposes, such as remembering user preferences or improving our Services functionality.
First-party cookies are set by us within the online services, while Third-party cookies are set by external resources and providers at their discretion.
Persistent cookies remain on your computer, providing prolonged data retention compared to Session cookies, which exist during the limited period of user session.

Essential/Functional Cookies
These are vital for the online services functioning, enabling features based on user choices (disabling them may affect our Services functionality, like advanced user forms):
Analytical Cookies
These gather aggregated data for statistical analysis of overall user experience:

Third-Party Cookies
Our Services may utilize third-party services, such as maps, online videos, or social networking features, which may set cookies on your device:

You may customize or remove used cookies or remove them via your browser or by mobile application settings.
Note that the cookie removal will also lead to the deletion of saved information such as login details and preferences.
We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of external websites or services linked thereto, therefore, we recommend you to review their privacy statements.
Some functionality can use the Google Analytics service to track your activity. If you want to stop tracking by Google Analytics across all websites, please check the following link.

For easy cookie configuration, and to learn more about cookies, including which ones are on your device or computer, and how to manage or delete them, check the link.

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Tracks visitors on site to present relevant advertisements based on the visitor's preferences
Anonymously processes visitor sessions, assigning a random number to identify unique visitors for site analytics.
Advertising Cookies
Placed by advertisers to show personalized ads, without gathering personal information, they collect user behavior and tailor ads to specific computers or devices:
Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website
Throttle request rate, which means that it limits the collection of data when the traffic is high
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